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Silicate sodium

are colorless glassy or crystalline solids, or white powders. Except for the most silicon-rich ones, they are readily soluble in water, producing alkaline solutions.


Commercial detergents

Sodium silicate is a building agent used in many commercial detergents. The purpose of the sodium silicate to is prevent mineral deposits on surfaces after washing by removing water hardness


Silicate Sodium Liquids

produces a wide range of sodium- and lithium silicates in liquid form. You can also contact us for customized mixtures. We work together with you to understand your expectations of the product and then go on to develop silicates that work seamlessly within your application.

About Silicate sodium

Sodium silicate has been successfully used as a chemical grouting material for many years. It is used in particular during drilling of high-permeability formations. When an aqueous mixture of sodium silicate and an activating agent, such as an ester, is injected into the ground, the silicate solution reacts to form a colloid which polymerizes further to form a gel. The gel provides increased strength, stiffness, and reduced permeability in predominantly granular soils.

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    We provide liquid and solid sodium silicate in various sectors such as the detergents sector, the ceramic sector, the exploration and petroleum sector.

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